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The Saga of Formula One

It has been a while since we have unearthed any really good archive footage but this time we think we may have struck gold! Terrific Stuff has worked with Alain Boisnard for a long time and many of you will have already seen his ‘Lap of The Gods’ DVDs. ‘The Saga of Formula One’ was produced in 1992 and is a brilliant series of programmes made originally for TV and never seen before on DVD. To produce it, Alain searched his own massive archive of Formula One GP footage and, as well as going through the all the other archive material he could find, he also shot footage specially for these programmes. He also conducted several in depth and very candid interviews with various drivers ranging from Fangio to Senna. The result is a highly informative and visually stunning series of programmes. The commentary has been written by Formula One ‘guru’ Bob Constandurous, who has added his own entertaining, often slightly controversial, views of events.

Volume One consists of ‘The Drivers That Made History’ and ‘Monaco: The Jewel in the Crown’. Full details can be seen on the website.

“The Saga of Formula One may not have the gloss that comes with big-budget production values, but it does have some truly spectacular previously unseen film salvaged from the vaults of former sponsors. The onboard footage recorded with Fangio and Jackie Stewart is worth the asking price alone…”
Autocar November 11th 2009

In the future we hope to produce further DVDs featuring the balance of the programmes.